Grade School Grammar

Grade School Grammar

Subject. Predicate. Verb. Noun. Adjective. The terms swim in my head to this day. My 6 year-old is in First Grade and is learning about nouns and verbs and adjectives. The timing could not be better for me. It is helping me immensely with my writing and my sentences. If only I could figure out comma splices and run-on sentences.

I’ve written and edited my papers for my Master’s. I’ve edited my husband’s papers for his Master’s. Yet, I find myself Googling commas and placement. I find myself paging through, The Chicago Manual of Style, to make sure I have my italics and quotation marks correct. There’s just so much it’s overwhelming. I analyze my texts and my emails more closely now. I’m sure if I had a job I would be hyper-focused on my grammar even more than usual.

Red Tailed Hawk, Northern California, 2018

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