It’s Finally Here!

It’s Finally Here!

We woke this morning with beauty outside our doors.

“It’s snowing!!”

I heard the excitement coming from my six year old as she saw the snow coming down outside her window.

She’s been anticipating the snow for months as her older sister has been bemoaning the fact that we haven’t seen any this far this year or even last.

In a normal winter season we usually have it by November, as we did in 2019, but of course 2020 hasn’t been typical in any other sense so why should this be any different. Ha

I’m off to corral the six year old back to class. See you later.

Bailey absolutely loves the snow. She’s already been out in it a few times this morning. Here she is sitting and enjoying the heat vent after her excursion.
Rainy Day Monday

Rainy Day Monday

I do love a rainy day. I’ll be the first to tell you that. It always reminds me of that moment when you’re starting to wake up but your brain hasn’t fully grasped the idea yet. You’re in between two worlds and it’s a hazy place to be. That moment is my favorite. It reminds me of a day of rain and clouds and the sound is the best sound I can think of.

Last week I went into our spare bedroom after everyone was asleep and the house was quiet, and dark, and I laid across the bed and listened to the quiet. I listened to the rain. The only thing missing was the cicadas but it’s gotten too cold for them so they’ve moved on.

We spent some time during this summer at a tree house that’s local to us. The lovely woman has turned her grandchildren’s tree house into a B&B and it was wonderful. We got to experience a thunderstorm while we were there and I was in heaven. It’s a memory that I tried to recreate the other night and it was close.

I’m off to work on Book Covers and try not to re-read/edit the book. I’ve got to add something to the ending, but I’m trying to let it sit so I can look at it from a new place.

Summer storm in the treehouse.