A New Beginning… Again

A New Beginning… Again

We are all settled in our new location. As I write this I have the window open to the street out front so I can listen for my 7 year old who is playing with the kids across the street.

I’m taken back in time as I listen to them all play. They argue. They yell over each other. The ride their bikes up and down the street. They pretend to be on horses and want to name them.

I’m transported to my childhood. Playing with my next door neighbors. Running up and down the court until mother calls us in for the night. In high school we would play hide and seek after dark.

My 16 year old and her friends have taken up the baton of hide and seek in the neighborhood and I smile at the memories. Happy that she’s not too old to be a kid again.

My mom would lean out the door and whistle for us to come home. This usually began the Exodus of kids heading home for the evening to get ready for school again tomorrow, or to meet outside at such and such a time if it was summer.

For a moment tonight I’m a kid again. Running to knock on the door of Tanya & Tara seeing if they can join me and Andy as we play out at the man hole cover in the middle.

I’ve come fill circle and it is good.

This beautiful girl turns 19,
in a matter of weeks!
I Don’t Take This Journey Lightly

I Don’t Take This Journey Lightly

This is hard. The submitting every day. The waiting. The wondering.

I see encouraging Tweets from authors who have been through the process. They reveal how many rejections they received before they finally got their break.

I’m trying so hard to hang in there and trust the process. Because I know what I’ve done is good and worthy of being out there.

My story is as unique as my voice that put it out there.

I don’t take this journey lightly. My heart and soul are invested in this.

She lays next to me as I’m up until midnight revising and editing and writing.