Taking a Break

Taking a Break

It’s three days until Christmas and I’m taking a much needed break. I’ve been at this for three months non-stop. I’m at the query stage as I await the edit. Most agents are closing up shop for the remainder of the year.

Instead I’m choosing to give my mind a break. I’m not even looking at the second in the series right now.

I’m choosing to focus on my girls and hubby as we celebrate Christmas and as we close out this crazy year.

We’re looking ahead to the coming year with optimism and enthusiasm.

There’s a lot in store for us this coming year. Hoping for a book deal. Our family will be moving this summer into early fall. Fingers crossed we’ll see the end of Covid.

I may or may not write anymore this year. I’ll have to see if something occurs to me.

We have been out enjoying the holiday lights in our area. It’s an enjoyable time where we’re in the car together and enjoying it.
Onward & Upward We Go

Onward & Upward We Go

Didn’t mean for that to be dual meaning, but it really is. Specifically, for me, today it means I begin gathering ideas for my next novel in the series. I’ve gotten the first one out to Beta Readers as well as the Copy Editor. I’m exhausted from trying to narrow down my Query letter. I have to take it in spurts otherwise I get so overwhelmed by it.

For now that means brainstorming ideas for the the second book. It’s fun because my mind never stops. Coming up with the murder is the easy part it’s everything else that is the challenge. Ha!

The leaves are out in splendor right now. We’ve reached the tail of their color. Makes me sad. I love the Fall.