My Writing

My Writing

For those of us entering the world of writing, it’s an intimidating and herculean place. If you’re anything like me, there’s much to be scared of, and much to be anxious about.

The thrill of writing collides with the real world outlook and our dreams of being published can be dashed into the rocks of reality. As someone who has trod the path to plead with agents to simply glance at my work, only to be turned away every (yes, every) time, it’s incredibly hard to keep going.

I realized I keep going for the love of writing. I picked up writing a year ago, so it’s not a surprise that my first round was a dismal failure. But, I’m not giving up. I have fallen in love with my characters and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

In a prior post, I mentioned Janet Evanovich liked my Tweet, and I still ride its coattails. I have loved Ms. Evanovich since I picked up my first Stephanie Plum book nineteen years ago. She has been my inspiration and my mentor from afar. I have dreamed of having conversations with her and when I picked up her book, “How I Write,” the manner in which the book is put together is like I’m having a conversation with her myself. It’s like I can ask her all the questions I long to ask her, and I found I have more questions! About how she reached her style, how did she find her voice, how often did she want to give up? Mostly I want to beg her to read my book and tell me if there’s any hope, or if I’m completely off base with my dream and I should just go back to selling at Victoria’s Secret, (yes, I actually did this many years ago.)

All of us want reassurance in our writing. All of us want to know if we have something special or if ours is simply another in a long list of [enter genre here]. I want the validation that comes with an agent, perhaps that’s why I’m still sticking my neck out there. I want someone to fight alongside me and help me slay the dragons in the publishing world. I’m not asking to build an empire, I’m asking to be included in a world of people I have admired for years. I know there is a place for me at the table. I know that I can reach readers and introduce them to my characters, and they will love them as much as I do.

Stay tuned on my journey to publishing, I may not be there yet, but I will be.

She Liked It, She Really Liked It

She Liked It, She Really Liked It

This week, or last, I can’t remember, I tagged Janet Evanovich in a tweet and what a wonderful surprise was given me when she liked it!!! I think I cried. (See the bottom of this post for screenshot.)

The tweet was displaying a few tidbits that were at the end of her Kindle Book, One For the Money, indicating that it took her two years to develop the book, and the second image was how she wrote for ten years (three complete novels) before she made her first sale.

Those of us querying and praying and hoping that this next agent will like us, get a new sense of hope when we learn about our favorite established writers who began just like us. I know that Stephen King mentioned his humble beginnings in his book, On Writing, and it’s amazing to see where it all began for them.

In the mean time, I revise and rewrite.

A twofer! You get Boo and my tweet!