It’s Finally Here!

It’s Finally Here!

We woke this morning with beauty outside our doors.

“It’s snowing!!”

I heard the excitement coming from my six year old as she saw the snow coming down outside her window.

She’s been anticipating the snow for months as her older sister has been bemoaning the fact that we haven’t seen any this far this year or even last.

In a normal winter season we usually have it by November, as we did in 2019, but of course 2020 hasn’t been typical in any other sense so why should this be any different. Ha

I’m off to corral the six year old back to class. See you later.

Bailey absolutely loves the snow. She’s already been out in it a few times this morning. Here she is sitting and enjoying the heat vent after her excursion.
Beta Readers

Beta Readers

I’ve reached the phase where I’m sharing with others. My Beta Readers as well as my Copy Editor and my Alpha Reader.

This quote by Erma Bombeck is right on the money. The anxiety that comes with sharing a part of your heart and soul is intimidating and scary. The people I’ve trusted with this are amazing people, and I know they will do the best job they can do.

Getting closer to being finished. Doing all my research for Query Letters and finding the ones that I feel may best represent me.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.